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Finding a well-prepared creative team for a production of any size is extremely crucial. BW works with over 60 freelancing film professionals, curating the best crew for every project. We love connecting people with opportunities to display their talent and creativity By selecting crew members for specific positions, BW guarantees professionalism and efficiency for every project.

Positions We Staff

Director of Photography
Camera Op
1st AC
2nd AC
Hair and Make-up
Art Director
Craft Services
Production Assistant

Local Fixing

Getting location permits, finding hotels, food, and transportation is a huge hassle when traveling to a city you’ve never been to. BW Productions will be your Local Fixer, navigating you through Salt Lake City. We know the ideal shooting locations and will get permits through our connections. You’ll relax in comfort from your rental car to your hotel room. You’ll have your fill of the most delicious food and tastiest libations. BW will be your guide for the best of what Salt Lake has to offer.


You’ve got the crew, you’ve got the talent, all you need now is equipment. Renting without knowing what you need is no longer a concern. BW Productions has all the equipment you’ll need for any production size. With our experience on set, we’ll make sure that you’re squared away with all your needs. We’ll provide you with everything for your shoot to go right, along with extras in case something goes awry.