Defining Your Brand: Professional Headshots

Maddie Lytle
11 Jan 2022
September 28, 2022

Whether your company needs to update profiles, or feature new hires, professional headshots are a necessary tool for identifying your organization and staff. We know that from the styling to the background, reflecting your brand is important. With help from our photographers, BW Productions has gathered a few tips to remember when planning photoshoots for your team.

Planning Efficiently

Our team wants you to feel comfortable planning, shooting, and finalizing your headshots. Before hiring a photographer, we recommend discussing your ideal company portrayal with one of our producers. It's important the photos represent your employees and are consistent with your brand. As a client of BW Productions, we constantly work to execute your vision through our expertise and advice.

Photography by Stephanie Dunn

This photo from Sentrx is an example of a unique company headshot our team photographed. Their organization focuses on creating solutions for exceptional pet comfort, so it made sense to feature each employee with their pet.

Scheduling headshots in the morning prevents anxious emotions from building up. Also, taking photos early ensures employees appear fresh and camera ready.

Photography by Stephanie Dunn

Our photographers recommend preparing employees ahead of time to streamline the process. Clear communication of your company’s image to employees results in a consistent look across the photographs. Additionally, designate a person within your organization to create and communicate a shooting schedule with the photographer.

Quick tips to remember:

  • Prepare: establish and communicate brand image with employees and the photographer
  • Scheduling: plan the photoshoot earlier in the day
  • Organization: designate a key point of contact for the photography team

Finding Your Look

The backgrounds in photos bring a unique look to your company’s image. They may feature indoor architecture, outdoor locations, a single-color backdrop, or various combinations. Keep in mind, it is important your company has permission to use the location(s) beforehand. Architectural settings symbolic of your organization can customize company photos. Environmental backgrounds, such as greenery or landscapes, are another way to add a distinctive touch to your company’s photos.

Photography by Stephanie Dunn

Dressing for your headshots should not be stressful. When choosing clothing and jewelry, aim for a timeless look; photos featuring fads or trends become outdated. Wear a plain outfit and avoid distracting colors, logos, and patterns. We recommend keeping accessories simple. Excessive or bulky adornments and garish clothing can detract from your professional appearance. 

On the day of shooting, employees should style their hair and avoid wearing hats beforehand. Prior to taking each picture, our photographers check in with the clients and help make certain adjustments; moving hair away from the neck, out of the face, and other touch-up changes beget higher quality images. Additionally, bringing on an experienced hair and makeup stylist can reduce stress and boost employee confidence.

Photography by Stephanie Dunn

When posing for photos, there are a few things to keep in mind. Stand with good posture, angle your shoulders to the camera, and project confidence in your pose. Commit to either a full smile or a subtle one. If you're switching between facial expressions, it may capture unflattering mouth movements. Try to embody your ideal professional portrayal, rather than posing for a personal social media post.

Your photographer will help each client by suggesting certain pose adjustments while focusing on the finer details. Our team is well versed in making clients feel comfortable. We ensure everyone feels heard, providing positive direction.

Quick tips to remember:

  • Locations; acquire permission for desired locations beforehand
  • Dress; wear simple, timeless clothing and accessories
  • Style hair; keep longer hair away from your neck
  • Posing; stand with good posture and confidence
  • Facial expressions; commit to your smile

Finalizing Deliverables

The last phase of production consists of editing the photos. If you are looking to match the corporate standard, we would minimize color adjustments. You may want a neutral feel, warmer colors, or cooler tones, depending on the brand. This is within the professional norm, however, an experimental start-up may try black and white, or blue tones. The illuminated contrast in the final product is more dramatic than standard photos.

Photography by Stephanie Dunn

To choose the best style for you, discuss your project with our producer and the photographer. Their expertise will guide these decisions. For example, experimenting with style, such as the above photo from Summit Events, upholds a professional standard, while showcasing your company’s individual qualities. Following the industry norm results in a more rigid perception. Make sure what you choose is consistent with the position your employees represent within the company. The style should also reflect your company image and overall branding.

Quick tips to remember:

  • Editing style; discuss color editing with the photographer
  • Consistent branding; match the style of the photos to your company image

BW Productions works hard to achieve your company’s polished look. We maintain professionalism from the first communication to the final product. Our team always aims to create a beneficial experience for your organization. We know that company headshots can be stressful, but we work to alleviate the anxiety that comes from each phase of production.

BW Productions has experienced professional photographers that work with corporate, commercial, and nonprofit organizations. We deliver high quality headshots within 3-4 business days that reflect your brand. Our team listens to you and your employees throughout the process. Schedule an appointment with BW Productions today! Our producers would love to discuss pricing and availability for your project.

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Maddie Lytle


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