Best of State Award Dedication: Thank You to Our Clients

Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022
August 8, 2022

Best of State 2022

BW Productions won Best of State for 2022! We’re thankful for the recognition, but we’re even more thankful for the clients that helped us earn it. 


BW Productions dedicates this award to every client we’ve had since our founding. Over the past decade, we’ve developed thousands of projects for hundreds of clients. We owe our success to them because we wouldn’t be the company we are today without the work they provided us. Their investment in BW Productions helped us refine our skills so we could be better for the next project that our clients presented us. 

As we continued to sharpen our skills, we realized that BW Productions developed a new philosophy for why we do the work we love. By stepping out of our box and seeing everything from our client’s point of view, we discovered the reason for why we provide our services. Our clients helped shape the philosophy that we abide by today - by understanding their perspective, it allowed us to reevaluate the reason behind providing our services.


Prior to this transition, we knew that we loved telling stories through video production, but our passion was the key to developing a new mindset. We realized that everyone has a story that matters, that everyone has a personal narrative and all they needed was an outlet. Video production was our outlet that provided an avenue of communication bridging between us, our clients and their audience.

Before we could produce a video, BW Productions had to learn about our clients and understand what they wanted to tell their audience. We would learn about our client's story throughout production and help shape their words and vision into a video. Within these interactions, relationships were fostered with our clients where we wouldn't only learn from them, but show them how video production worked from our end. Together, we created stories that audiences all over could view. BW’s philosophy evolved, leading us to create a more inclusive space for our clients that allowed them to understand the creative process and how to tell their story through our lens. 

Every story has a guide. They’re the entity that helps the main character progress throughout their journey. That’s how we envision ourselves within the storytelling process; we’re the people that help clients tell their story. It’s often that the journeys are long, winding and difficult, but we found a way to reinvent the journey from the very beginning - guiding our clients through each phase of production. 

BW Productions on set at Redman Studios. 


While the story is the most important aspect about your project, the second is how it’s executed. It’s often that clients have an idea for a story and finding the best way to tell it is the issue they run across the most. When BW Productions is approached with a concept, we provide a comprehensive plan for action. 

We start with pre-production. Our team takes each client through a step-by-step process where we acknowledge their project goals and create a plan catered to it. Some plans require more collaboration and involvement than others, but that’s usually due to the size or scope of the project. We’ll figure out all the logistics with equipment, crew, location and whatever else our clients need. No matter how many similarities overlap between projects, they’re all different and require custom attention. We want the production phase to be as smooth as possible when shooting your video, which is why we put a large amount of effort into preparing. 

Then we get to arguably the most fun part of the process. Shooting. Everyone at BW Productions loves being on set. Face-to-face client interactions are part of what makes the film industry so enjoyable; hearing stories, helping shape those words that mean so much to our clients and telling them for the world to hear. It’s passion and devotion to the craft. It’s why we do it. One of the stories we love telling is how we helped DDI Vantage create their service videos. 

Celebrating DDI Vantage’s 50 Years of Service.

DDI Vantage is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the development and independence of children, adults and families with special needs. They came to us with a project idea for a 15 minute video explaining why they’re passionate about what they do and what services they offer. They found themselves reiterating their mission statement to potential donors and families that needed assistance, so BW Productions met with DDI Vantage and identified their goals. Our team collaborated with them and devised a way to achieve those goals and keep their initial needs in mind. While one 15 minute video would tell their audience about DDI Vantage and their services, we suggested that most people wouldn’t watch a lengthy video when they needed their specific questions answered. They agreed that most parents know what services they want to be involved with and condensed videos answering common questions would be the most effective way to display their services. 

Our team planned, shot and edited the entire project. BW Productions provided a series of 2-3 minute videos that explained the services DDI Vantage offered and answered frequently asked questions. They saw an immediate increase in engagement and understanding from potential parents looking into their programs and provided more help to families that needed it because of these videos.


We don’t define our success by our revenue or profit, but by our client’s goals being realized and their overall experience with our services. If a client were to approach us with a project idea and we provided them with a video they were excited to share, then that means we were able to help create a story that meant a lot to them. Making the experience enjoyable for our clients, while helping them tell their story, is what we’re proud to do. Over the past year, we delivered 350 video projects and photographed 120 events with zero missed deadlines, but we’re not stopping there. Since acquiring our creative division, Cinema Forte, we have a new avenue of providing our video production services. We produce high-end commercials through bold creative and masterful storytelling. We can’t wait to see how far we go and what’s to come in the next year with our new and exciting endeavor. 

In summary, our success is derived from seeing the smiles form on our client’s faces after they watch the final cut for the first time. Our success is based around the people whom our clients provide their services and products to. Our success comes from each and everyone of you who provided us with the opportunity to do what we love every single day. For that, we thank you.

Brent Uberty and Greg Johnson at the Best of State Gala.


Stewart Bounds

Utah Women in Production and Photography was founded by women for women. Their mission is to advocate for women in their respective industries. Women provide unique perspectives, skills and insight, making impactful decisions on set. BW Productions is proud to represent a dedicated group that advocates for and collaborates with women.