Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Video

Edited by Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022

Video is one most important tools in a marketing toolbox. Billboards and tv commercials won’t get you the best bang for your buck anymore. Business videos, brand videos, and video marketing are at the forefront. One of our clients put it best:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is geometrically more powerful of a medium.”

Below are four reasons why you should be using video for your business.

1. Informs and Educates

The goal in stories is to create a connection between you and your audience. You want to communicate to them why they should emotionally invest in your unique product or service. More often than not, people gravitate to telling a story because that's the way most stories have been passed down. But not in video. This is your chance to show why your product or service is special. You can create emotion through simple b-roll shots as your words are revealed through depicted scenes. There is always a way to differentiate yourself from the other competitors. If you can tell a story, demonstrate how you are unique and evoke emotion through a video, you are far more likely to gain interest and excitement from customers and clients. Therefore, video can provide so much more detail and interest than what an article or picture can.

2. Brand Creativity

Phones, tablets, laptops, custom-built desktops and smart TVs equals screens, screens and more screens. What to do with them all? Stream, watch, surf and scroll. Brands are almost forced to be more creative to meet technological diversity with ads displaying on just about every single platform. Ads are now condensed to five seconds at the shortest interval, which means that companies are now selling five second stories that are emotionally impactful and visually stimulating. A lot of these ads take place on social media where almost half of the world (3.96 billion people) are frequent users. If brands want to meet the screen-time demand, they have to produce video content. Now that video is becoming more affordable, small businesses are influenced to get their products and services out there to the general public. Video has become one of the best selling tools for brands and companies alike, big or small. Getting your ad in front of the right audience connects and converts to leads, donors and more clients.

3. Increases SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important factors in online marketing. SEO helps users find your website online by combining the proper keywords and metadata. For instance, users who type in "Salt Lake City Video Production" into their favorite search engine will populate a list of results that contain these keywords. Nobody would think that a simple search would take so much into providing results, but it does. Adding a video to your keywords and metadata will likely increase your website's search traffic, boosting your rank when someone is continuously searching for your product or service.

4. Better Marketing Strategy

Videos are arguably the most effective way to tell a story on the web. No matter who you’re trying to reach or the message you’re trying to tell, there is always a video type for you to use. From five second promotional videos on Instagram, to five minute educational videos on YouTube, there is a video to fill your needs. Utilizing videos in a marketing strategy will help boost SEO, diversify your brand creativity, and inform your audience about your product or service. We have outlined nine different video types in this ARTICLE to help you fulfill different marketing needs and recognize different video types.

With the demand for video increasing, it should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Videos are relatable worldwide as most people who have access to them will watch them. If you have an idea for your next video project, SCHEDULE an appointment with BW Productions today.

Edited by Stewart Bounds

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