Using Video for Political Campaigns

Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022

Running for local government or state legislature to make an impact on your community? Representing your political stance and the issues you're passionate about has never been easier. As a candidate, reaching your audience before primary elections with video is one of the most popular marketing strategies you can employ. 

Videos for political campaigns are one of the simplest ways to communicate who you are, your stance, who you’re advocating for, and why you’re the best person for the role. What’s great about videos in your campaign is that they are shared everywhere: social media platforms, the candidate’s personal website and television. 

According to this report by eMarketer, political ad spending has increased by 63.3% on all channels since 2015. 

More specifically, political ad spending on television has increased by 82%.

Thinking about creating a video for your next campaign? Below are some reasons why you should.


Efficient Outreach

With video, you’ll reach a massive audience. Potential voters will likely have access to your content in whichever way you choose to share it, and it’s not unlikely that they’ll share, retweet, or repost your video, if they believe in what you stand for. While televised campaign ads still rule the marketing world, social media platform use comes close behind, witnessing political ad revenues growing by 123% (eMarketer). What’s great about video is that you can make one with whatever your budget allows. Personal statements made with a cellphone are easy to share and adds a touch of sincerity to your campaign if you say that your budget doesn’t allow for more. If your budget allows you to produce an ad, you’ll be able to craft a story for voters that meaningfully impacts them, especially for issues that they’re passionate about.

Build Trust and Educate

Communicating who you are to your voters is your goal and video is a powerful tool when it comes to providing an introduction. According to stats provided by Biteable, video marketing raises awareness by 53%, and 52% of your audience are more likely to gain your trust. Video allows your audience to better understand where you come from and your stances for or against, other political agendas. 

But How?

BW Productions will bring your political campaign to life. By scheduling an appointment with our Producers, we’ll identify your goals and help you create a video you can share with potential voters. If you need an introductory video because it’s your first time running for office, then we’ll make sure to include shots of where you came from and shape how your political stance is important to your identity. If you want to create something based on how you want to improve your community, then we’ll create a video of you out in it, showing how you’re going to make a difference. 

Want some examples? Check out campaign videos for Derek Kitchen (D) and Erin Rider (R), and see how Stephanie Pitcher shared her campaign video on her Facebook page for her followers. 

For more information about using video in political campaigns, check out this article written by Bella Mello on Hearst Bay Area.  

Stewart Bounds

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