Production Costs

Ashley Coles
11 Jan 2022

At BW Productions, we understand that the idea of making a video, whether corporate or creative, can be a bit daunting. We’re here to provide the most straightforward and stress free experience possible, guiding you to achieve your vision and promote your business.

Each client is unique so we believe no predetermined package can suit every project. Wherever you go, estimates vary according to a specific vision or need. BW Productions works with you, identifying your project goals so that your video properly represents your brand. We work throughout every production stage, ensuring that your brand is reflected to be aesthetically pleasing and professional - no matter the cost. 

After discussing all the brilliant ideas you have for your project, we provide an estimate with a detailed breakdown of what’s necessary to make the magic happen. Our prices are transparent and we’re proud of that aspect - no hidden fees or costs that surprise you. Should anything need to be altered that affects the expected cost, you will be notified. Rest assured, knowing everything included on the estimate are critical resources that deliver the product you have in mind.

What will it look like?

Our estimates are divided into three sections: Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. For a description of what each phase entails, read this overview on the phases of production.

Under Pre-Production, you will find the creative, logistic preparation costs that enable your project to come to life. This includes the time and resources to gather a strong team along with storyboards and a script, if necessary. This will likely be your cheapest cost when it comes to your project.

Production will generally be the largest section as it includes the crew and equipment that bring your vision to life.

You will see categories along with their associated rate in either hours/days/each. For example:


Production Designer 1 Day $800.00

1st AC 1 Day $700.00

Director of Photography 1 Day $1,800.00

MUA 1 Day $850.00

Gaffer 1 Day $1,500.00

Grip 1 Day $1,500.00

Camera Equipment

Ambient Lockit Timecode Kit 1 Each $275.00

Canon C300mkill 1 Each $300.00

Quick disclaimer - these prices are only examples. If you would like to know more about how much BW Productions charges, schedule an appointment with our Producers and we can give you an accurate estimate!

Production will likely be your heaviest cost as it will consist of all the equipment, crew and talent that you'll need for you project.

What goes on in Post Production are all of the costs for editing. Post covers all the visual and audio edits required to make your project whole. The editor will put all the footage on a timeline and make your video from there. The rough cut gets approved, then your project will undergo however many iterations it takes until your final cut is produced. Post Production costs will usually lie between Pre-Production and Production.

Where do I start?

Feeling inspired? Work with us! We can’t wait to help you share your story.

Ashley Coles

Utah Women in Production and Photography was founded by women for women. Their mission is to advocate for women in their respective industries. Women provide unique perspectives, skills and insight, making impactful decisions on set. BW Productions is proud to represent a dedicated group that advocates for and collaborates with women.