Nine Types of Video You Should Be Using in Your Business

Edited by Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022

Video is important to ensure better engagement and sales for your business. People stay on a website for up to two minutes longer when a video is involved. They are also 64% more likely to purchase a product when presented using a video. The secret to video success? It's easily digestible, flashy and engaging. You can hold someone's attention a lot easier with video than article.

But what to choose? With so many different types out there, picking one that's suitable for your business or content development strategy is difficult. That's why we've outlined the nine most efficient types of video for your website or commercial use to better engage your audience.

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos highlight a company or organization’s overall mission, services and products. These types of videos are typically used on social media because they can reach your target audience with keywords and clicks. Social media algorithms recognize what people read, search and watch meaning your company's brand is on display through the most accessible screens - smart phones. Brand videos are used mainly in larger campaigns and can have the goal of telling your story and reaching your target audience.

Check out this video we did for ROCKSTEADY for an example.

2. Event Related Videos

Event related videos help your audiences understand what your organization promotes and gives them some insight into how it operates. Having a ceremony, conference, gala, fundraiser, or another type of event? Include highlight reels, daily recaps, promotional videos, or interviews speaking about the event. Daily recap videos show off all the events, speakers, or whatever else your event includes. Highlight reels are typically short, abbreviated versions of daily recaps that are easily watchable and are popular in social media. Promotional videos are used to promote a future or ongoing event and can be as specific or as broad as you want. Interviewing attendees or key speakers are great way to get personal experiences that your audience can resonate with.

Here's an event that BW Productions covered for the LASSONDE INSTITUTE at the David Eccles School of Business.

3. Expert Interviews

Interviews with respected leaders and experts in your industry are highly sought out by the masses. Expert interviews have a specific draw to them with an audience that is willing to sit down and listen, learn and comprehend. For those in-the-know, these high-profile individuals might be celebrities within their own field and people gravitate to that. It's a completely different attraction with celebrities in your industry because it gives your audience the engagement they crave. Sit down with your CEO, leaders, or experts and discuss updates, hot topics, or groundbreaking issues. These interviews help audiences develop relationships with key individuals in your organization and makes businesses more personable.

In this example, DOMO utilized keynote experts to breakdown the complex inner-workings of their new program.

4. Demo Videos

Demo videos showcase a product, software, or experience. Demonstrating how to use your product creates an understanding about it. Your demo video will help audiences feel better and more confident about your product when purchasing and using it.

This video for SWIPECLOCK demonstrates their new product, the TimeWorks Touch.

5. Tutorials

Tutorial or instructional videos are used to teach your audience how to do something and grow their knowledge base. These videos go through a step-by-step process assisting your users complete a task. Tutorials are often used in training modules as part of the education process for new employees or refresher courses for veterans.

In this video example, DDI VANTAGE created a comprehensive breakdown for how to potty train your child.

6. Case Studies and Client Testimonial Videos

Case studies and testimonials are excellent ways to gauge how others have used products or services your organization provides. Displaying these types of videos on your website or social platforms inform potential customers about not only what you're selling, but how it's affected the lives of people who've used it. Providing your audience with a Case Study or Testimonial delivers an ideal combination of educating and promoting. There's no better way to tell your story than through someone else who's been directly involved.

This Case Study that NIVATI did on Lendio's use of their mental health app shows how another company explores the effects of their product or service through a client's perspective.

7. Animated Videos

Animations are key components used in visual storytelling. When you have a difficult-to-explain concept, getting too wordy is the opposite thing you want to be doing. They breakdown complicated theories or explanations in manners that are visually appealing and easy to comprehend. Animations provide a different storytelling medium, keeping audiences engaged with crafted images followed by their respective explanations.

Here's a cool example of how MOTION GRAPHIC ANIMATIONS can be used to amp up and illustrate a service.

8. 360° & Virtual Reality (VR) Videos

360° and VR videos are the hot new videos in industry. They give viewers (with VR software or workarounds) a live and inclusive experience, hosting a wealth of observational entertainment and navigational autonomy.

Check out this video of NASA'S ATLAS V LAUNCH to get an exciting example of how the 360° cam works.

9. Live-Streaming Videos

Live-streaming for an event is an excellent way to engage with people who want to attend, but are unable to do so. Live-streaming provides avenues for outreach and inclusion, making people feel accepted and less stressed about attending. Some businesses get creative with their live events by creating "rooms" that people can communicate in or "tables" that people can sit at. These are fun ways for people to be remotely interactive and included in the process. The experience can be enjoyable given the right attitude! If you're a company that puts on a live-stream concert, then you could open an additional revenue stream by having those attend the concert remotely within the comfort of their home.

We hope that these types of videos help you expand your business engagement and outreach.

BW Productions is a Salt Lake City based company. We are heavily involved with creating corporate video content designed to help businesses reach their audiences. If your organization has a project idea for any of these videos, SCHEDULE your appointment with BW Productions today.

Edited by Stewart Bounds


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