BW Productions Internship General Overview

McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022
June 24, 2022

To apply for our Fall Internship Program today, click HERE!

BW Productions is proud to offer paid internship opportunities. Interns are paid per hour and work a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week. We reserve Mondays for weekly Intern Huddles. Here, the interns go through equipment training or learning opportunities from our team members about the industry, and we require all interns to be in attendance. The rest of the intern schedule is up to their discretion; however, it is recommended that the schedule is split up over a total of three (3) days. We do not offer remote positions at this time. Please note that our offices are located in Salt Lake City.

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

Each intern is assigned to a full-time employee and this employee will act as a mentor throughout the internship.

Each year we have three (3) different internship programs that roughly align with local college/university semesters. 

  • Spring Program -  Beginning of January to the middle of April
  • Summer Program - Beginning of May to the middle of August
  • Fall Program - Beginning of September to the middle of December

We open applications for the new internship roughly a month and a half before it begins. You may follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn for updates on when we are accepting applications.

Each internship program has four different positions available with details listed in the links below.

For our weekly training, here is a rough list of the different types of equipment we will cover: Aperture Lighting, Flags and Bounce Boards, Cameras, Lenses, and more.

Interested in working with us and gaining important industry experience? Apply Here! The BW Productions team looks forward to reviewing your application.

McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stewart Bounds

Utah Women in Production and Photography was founded by women for women. Their mission is to advocate for women in their respective industries. Women provide unique perspectives, skills and insight, making impactful decisions on set. BW Productions is proud to represent a dedicated group that advocates for and collaborates with women.