Choosing the Best Video Production Company for Your Project

Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022

The video production industry witnessed a boom in growth with more and more businesses incorporating video into their marketing strategies. It was only a matter of time before video production companies cropped up to meet the increasing demand.

Now with the saturated market, businesses have their pick of the lot, but choosing the best video production company for your project can be overwhelming.

Selecting the right company for your video depends on your needs and project goals, so we've compiled a list of things to consider to help choose what's best for you.

Your Project

It helps video production companies with planning and preparation if you have a direction for your project idea. There are instances where companies won’t be receptive to your idea without a specific goal, but most companies love collaborating about the possibilities and helping you identify one.

Even if you don't have a specific direction you want to go in for your project idea, video production companies can provide you with a purpose.

Here are some of the most common videos that are being made to help you get started: 

  • Animation
  • Corporate (testimonials or interviews)
  • Live-Stream Event
  • Marketing (commercials, brand videos and other advertisements)
  • Music
  • Personal Project
  • Training (modules or walk-throughs)

Budget Considerations

New companies looking to expand their marketing strategy to include video might not know how much a video costs and what all goes into it.

Here are some major things that go into producing a video for a project idea: 

  • Crewing
  • Equipment
  • Estimated time for post-production
  • Graphics or animations
  • Length of the shoot
  • Location scouting and costs
  • Quality of video – the higher the quality resolution normally comes with a higher price. 
  • Talent

Some of these aspects you could probably do without, but paying for the crew, their time, the equipment and editing are the largest contributors to your budget.

Keep in mind that with some cheaper options, the quality of your video may go down, but that’s okay if that’s exactly what you need. 

Exceptional Portfolios

Professional portfolios are what makes video production companies stand out from others. Having an online portfolio is the best way for a video production company to communicate their prowess without verbally doing so.

While some companies may have a prolific portfolio, the quality of their projects should be of the utmost importance – quality over quantity.

This is the first step when researching whether a video production company is right for you since it shows their range. For an example of BW’s professional portfolio, check out these links to our Demo Reel and Vimeo.

Excellent Communication

Establishing a line of communication with clients is a big signal that a video production company is passionate about working with your and your project.

When working with a video production company, they’ll inform you about which stage of production they’re in, when they proceed to the next stage, and the expected completion date. Your video production company should manage all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, all while keeping you updated.

Communication is a huge factor when it comes to project completion.

If your video production company doesn’t make time to discuss your needs and update you on your project timeline, then they can’t provide a quality product that meets your expectations.

Passion and Creativity

Creators will create and you want them to excel at it. If you’re passionate about your concept, they’ll reflect their creativity and passion into your final product.

Identifying a company by their willingness to collaborate with you is the key to a successful project.

Creativity sparks creativity and a wonderful synergy occurs where ideas build off each other.

The ideal video production company is willing to put themselves into your shoes to see things from your perspective. This will help them create a video characterizing your uniqueness in a way that sets you apart from anyone else.

A way to check out Utah video production companies is by using clutch.

Not only can you search the top video production companies in your area, but you can filter by services, budgets, reviews and more. It’s a great tool to start building a spreadsheet of prospective video production companies and jumpstarts your path to selecting the right one for you. 

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Stewart Bounds

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