How Live is a Live-Streamed Event?

11 Jan 2022

The pandemic has altered live events for the foreseeable future as live audiences are no longer a necessary part of the experience. In fact, over 47% of the global viewers are streaming more every year. Some businesses actually discovered that live-streamed event audiences are preferred to physically present ones. Virtual audiences close the physical barriers that require people to spend time and money to travel. It also is more convenient for those attending – they can fold laundry while listening and leave as soon as the part that interested them is over.

Yet, how live are these live streams?

It depends on the project and needs for the event. For a virtual concert, you would want the event to be as close to being all live content as possible. People expect all live content for a concert. Yet, for corporate events, pre-recorded material can be beneficial. It helps keep the audience engaged and increases understanding.

For example, a tech company that is explaining a new product would benefit from pre-recorded material. A demonstration of the product with animations added would help simplify the complex technology while also adding variety to the event. Then the hosts for the event can add commentary and personally engage with the audience.

What are the benefits of using pre recorded material in live events?

  • Watching two talking heads can only be interesting for so long. Pre recorded material adds interest to the virtual event.
  • It breaks up the monotony of a streamed event. Pre-recorded material will change the location of the event momentarily adding contrast to the event.
  • Many data and analytics organizations appreciate using pre-recorded videos in their live-streamed events. They can use graphics to present abstract concepts easier than a vocal description would do.
  • Re-editing pre-recorded material to focus on different aspects will help create social posts.
  • It can provide a professional touch to the event.
  • Pre-recorded videos during a live-streamed event allow time for the hosts and stage crew to relax or to make adjustments for the next live segment.

Basically, live streams that use pre-recorded material can reuse the content(making it cost-effective), allow for contrast and interest within the stream, and can easily explain complex materials in a way that a vocal description couldn’t. Most corporate live streams are using pre-recorded material for these reasons.

Overall, live streaming isn’t 100% live because many businesses use pre recorded material during the stream. Yet, while the pre recorded segments aren’t “live” this is often the first time anybody has seen this content, giving it that live feel most people enjoy.

Here at BW Productions, we have experience with creating pre recorded material for live streams as  well as managing the live streams and pre recorded material.

How We Can Help You

We created pre-recorded material for the 2021 Domo Palooza. The Domo employees were the faces and voices to explain Domo’s new products. The videos then were strategically placed within the live stream.

We have also created a live-streamed event using pre-recorded material that we shot and edited. For example, we did a live event for the Women’s Information Network for their annual International women’s day conference. We pre-recorded the two hosts giving speeches so that they could feel confident in their performance and message delivery. The edited speeches were then placed into the live event.

We would love to help you with your next live stream. We can help you create pre-recorded or record the live stream. Contact us here for more information and an estimate.


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