BW Productions Internship Overview - Sales

McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022

Are you a driven individual with a Sales and Marketing background and are interested in working in the video production industry? Then BW Productions has the ideal internship for you to get some exposure to the world of video production and experience in sales with our new Sales Intern role!

BW Productions Sales interns work a minimum of 25 hours per week but can work up to 40 hours. This internship is paid $15 an hour with sales incentives.

The Sales intern works closely with the Managing Director and Producing team at BW Productions. You will attend client presentations, help prepare proposals and reach out to prospective clients.You should be able to leave this internship with the knowledge to run sales and business operations.


  • Attend meetings and trainings
  • Build a consistent pipeline to meet sales goals for new business
  • Cold call potential clients
  • Conduct research
  • Contact prospects and set appointments
  • Develop client relationships
  • Generate and confirm appointments through prospects
  • Make sales calls
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Search for new sales opportunities
  • Secure new business accounts
  • Write articles

For more information on BW Productions requirements for applying, check out our general internship overview article

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McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stewart Bounds

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