BW Productions Internship Overview - Producing

McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stewart Bounds
11 Jan 2022
June 24, 2022

Producing interns work a minimum of 15 hours per week and are paid $10 per hour. The producing internship can be up to 35 hours a week depending on the availability of the intern and the number of projects we have going on.

The more flexible and available you are, the more opportunities you have to go on set.

We require interns to attend Intern Huddles on Mondays for scheduled equipment training or learning opportunities from our team members about the industry.

Producing interns will work with our producers (Abby, McKayla, and Aaron) for our corporate division as well as our creative division, Cinema Forte. 

Skills required for this position:

  • Assist in conducting interviews on set
  • Basic understanding of Canon cameras and lenses - we’re a Canon house.
  • Basic knowledge of flashes and lighting.
  • Beginner knowledge of understanding aspects of photography, including composition and lighting. 
  • Beginner photo editing skills - understanding Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Creative Thinker.
  • Independent self-starter/go-getter.
  • Organized and professional - good people skills.

Producing Intern Responsibilities:

  • Assist in conducting interviews on set.
  • Assist as a camera operator on set.
  • Assist as a PA on set.
  • Become familiar with the equipment.
  • Capture content for our social media (BTS).
  • Cast actors.
  • Develop talking points and questions for interviews.
  • Help with call sheets.
  • Help with pre-production.
  • Research clients.
  • Scout locations.
  • Write articles.

Before going on set with the team, we expect the following:

  • Read and review the call sheet.
  • Learn these commonly used terms to be effective and know the lingo.
  • Stay close to coworkers, but don’t get in the way. Be available to help with whatever is needed (setup and strike especially).
  • For photography sessions, ask for tips on lighting, focus, and anything else. Be sure to practice!

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McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stewart Bounds

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