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Dracast Interview Kit - Pro Series

Dracast Interview Kit - Pro Series


Perfect for location shooters, the Dracast 3-Light Interview Kit is comprised of 2 LED500 Pro adjustable color temperature LED lights, each with a multi-voltage power adapter, soft case, an 8.7' light stand, and V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate. A dual charger is included for the batteries. An LED160A on-camera light is also included with a power supply, built-in Sony NP-F series battery plate, battery, charger and soft case.


"Complete the Kit" option includes the following accessories:

  • V-Lock or Gold Mount Dracast batteries - x2
  • Battery charger - x1
  • Sony NP-F series battery and charger - x1
  • Injection molded hard travel case by SKB - x1
  • Barn doors for added light spill control - x2
  • Filter Frames - x2
  • Filter Packs  - x2
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