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Our team is your team. We are there to make sure that you have the easiestWe are a team of creatives who are talented and passionate about telling stories through their talents. Our team is ever growing to fit your needs. experience with the outcomes you expect.


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Brent Uberty

Founder/ Managing Director


Brent's passion for photography and video started in high school and continued in college while working as a photojournalist. With seven years of photo and video production under his belt, his creativity lies in the stories that he tells through the lens of a camera.


Stella liechty

creative Director


Stella has lived a life infused with art and design for as long as she can remember. With a degree in Multi-Disciplinary Design and experience in the start-up world working in branding, design thinking, public relations, and marketing, she brings her unique set of skills to the table and pushes the envelope to tell memorable and lasting stories across industries and disciplines. When not glued to her computer, you can find her in the mountains or on a river.



Patrick Newman



Patrick is a seasoned videographer and Director of Photography. While concentrating on documentary series filmmaking, he is also an accomplished commercial  and documentary filmmaker. He has a degree from the University of Utah in Film & Media Arts.

Stephanie Dunn



Stephanie's passion for photography results in a unique ability to capture spontaneous moments and natural expressions that translate a story to the viewer. No matter what the project is, she is committed to producing a highly professional, yet uniquely personal experience and final product. 


Anita Purrell 

Film Intern


Anita is studying Film & Media Arts at the University of Utah and will be graduating in May. She is interested in all different forms of video, from film and tv to corporate and commercial. She enjoys the artistic process in visually telling a story and the personal connections they create.



    Joey Jonaitis

   Joey Jonaitis

   Pamela Berry

  Pamela Berry

    Steven Vargo

   Steven Vargo