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Brent Uberty

Founder/ Creative Director

Brent's passion for photography and video started in high school and continued in college while working as a photojournalist. With seven years of photo and video production under his belt, his creativity lies in the stories that he tells through the lens of a camera.



Paige Landau


Paige is an organizational wizard, a documentary enthusiast and a hardcore theatre nerd. When she isn't working as a producer, she is taking photos and videos of the strange world around her, exploring Utah's glorious outdoors and training service dogs.


Kevin Smale

Executive Producer/ Filmmaker

Kevin is a recent Film Studies graduate from the University of Utah. He has a strong passion for independent filmmaking and documentaries focused on stories and projects close to home. Originally from a small town in New Mexico, connection with people is what he knows best.



   Joey Jonaitis

   Joey Jonaitis

  Pamela Berry

  Pamela Berry

   Steven Vargo

   Steven Vargo